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Introducing you to Péarlaí We’re delighted to introduce you to our new name – Péarlaí, which has officially replaced IDC-Intell. Why are we changing our name? IDC-Intell was first launched in 2015 with the intention of providing portals for customers at shopping centres to carry out surveys to help shopping centres take their opinions on board and provide discounts and gifts as a reward. As our company has expanded we developed a whole new range of capabilities, and can now offer consumers more gifts and rewards in a more convenient manner – no time consuming surveys and no kiosks. All you have to do is carry a VIP Smart Fob and reap all the rewards when you’re visiting your favourite shopping centres, stores and cafes. We decided to give ourselves a new name and image which better symbolises the growth of the company and our expanding range of capabilities. What’s next on the horizon for Péarlaí? Our brand awareness is increasing day by day, with more shopping centres and big name stores learning about our services and keen to come on board with us, which means more discounts and offers at more big name stores for all you lucky VIP shoppers. We’ve already secured partnerships at some of the biggest shopping centres and business development groups based in Northern Ireland, and we will continue to expand across Europe, before setting our eyes on the US. Péarlaí has the internal resources and the ambition to create a global business over the next few years, and we won’t stop until you’re getting rewarded at all your favourite shopping centres and stores across the world. Watch this space.

2018-07-17 15:47:00 Added by :Paul