How It Works

Becoming a vip member couldnt be easier.
Just follow these simple steps!

Click the Sign Up Button!

Click the sign up button at the top of the page

Register Your Details

Fill out a onetime only Registration to get your VIP loyalty smart fob

VIP Fob Is Free

You can choose to donate to a local charity for your fob or not!

your new Pearlai key fob is yours

You now own a shiny new Péarlaí key fob Just collect your VIP fob as per instruction in your confirmation receipt email.


When will my VIP fob come?

Each centre will have their own method of issuing your VIP fob as per instructions in your payment receipt. Most can be collected from their customer service desk by providing your email or mobile number.

Do I need to show my text message to get my discount?

No, you do not need to show your text message to recive all year round discount from particiating stores, you simply have to show your VIP fob

I’m not receiving enough text messages?

You can login to your personal VIP account here and edit how many text messages you would like to receive per visit and much more.